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HOBI Cookie Molds ~ Winter 2021
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HOBI Cookie Molds ~ P. O. Box 25 ~ Belleville IL 62222
Gene Discontinues "Custom Designs"

    In 2005, Gene did 26 custom cookie mold carvings for Disney.  The two-dimensional designs were created by Disney artists and transformed by Gene into 3-D intaglio carvings of American cherry wood.  The carvings ranged from 4 to 16 inches in diameter and have been installed as part of the wooden cabinetry (casework) embellishments of the popular Disney Confectionery in Tokyo.  The "molds" will not be used for shaping dough, but simply to enhance the charm and theme of this shop. 

New Web Page Featuring the Carvings of Gene's Apprentice Allen Buchheit

      It's no secret that Gene, nearing his 87th birthday has long been interested in finding a family member who is interested in continuing his passion for carving of wooden molds.   
      Gene's nephew. Allen Buchheit, has been working with him as an apprentice for several years. As 2020 ended, so did Gene's carving as he will fully retire from carving and transfer HOBI COOKIE MOLDS to Allen by mid-year 2021.  The website will continue to offer any remaining inventory of Gene's carvings.
50th Anniversary Midwest Artistry in Wood
Show & Sale is Moved to 2021

     This oldest art show in Belleville IL is one not to miss!  Visit Allen at  the Belle-Clair Fairgrounds & Expo Center, 200 S. Belt E. at Hwy 159.   His will offer hand carved cookie molds and stamps. Gene will also be there to help Allen and to greet some friends and customers as he has for nearly 50 years.
13 of 26 molds carved by Gene for Disney's Tokyo Confectionery visible in photo.
     Later in 2005, Smithsonian executive chef Richard Hetzler submitted designs [used at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC] to Gene, asking him to carve these designs as cookie molds for shaping large shortbread cookies.  The Indian design molds carved by Gene (shown below) were used by Maribeth's Bakery of VA for shaping Smithsonian cookies sold at the museum.     
Gene's hand and power tools are are being transferred to Allen or have been retired. For custom mold carving he now refers all inquiries to Russ Hamilton
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