7 x 3.5" Springerle Cookie
by Bill's Bakery, Galion, OH
This page was last updated: July 1, 2021
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do just 
TIP #3: Fill a square of cheesecloth with powdered sugar, secure with a rubber band.  Use this as a "duster" of  molds prior to use with chilled dough.  Tap out any excess sugar and the mold's carved recesses remain sharp and clean for repeated use (unlike flour which often builds up and obscures the carved details of the wooden mold.
TIP #2: The gift of a mold AND the cookies shaped with that mold is one to be remembered by a special friend for a lifetime!
                 Springerle Cookies...           ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
an intoxicating whiff of anise, a soft and chewy bite, followed by a sweet melting on the tongue!

HARTSHORN is said to be the secret ingredient for keeping the springerles soft and chewy.  Many pharmacies carry hartshorn and anise oil.
​Solving Common Baking Problems:
"Dough soft and sticky"=Too warm or not enough flour!
"Dough crumbly" = Too much flour, not enough liquid or fat      due to small eggs, or (rarely) too cold.
"Cookies bake unevenly" = Hot spots in oven, not shaped uniformly, adjust oven temp 25 degrees, shift cookie sheets.
"Cookies lose detail when baked" = Too much leavening or cookies not molded firmly enough to pick up all the detail.
"Cookies spread during baking" = Dough placed on hot or over greased baking sheet, unbaked cookies too warm when placed on baking sheet, too much leavening or when there is too much fat and/or liquid and not enough flour in the dough.
"Cookies break apart when moved to cookie rack" = Let the cookies cool on the cookie sheets for a couple minutes before attempting to move them to a cooling rack.
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Manufacturers are re-formulating margarine in response to new regulations regarding trans-fats. They are substituting palm oil for other oils, etc.

Anne L. Watson writes: "I've found the effect of this change in margarine on  the MOLDED COOKIES is not good. The dough is sticky and adding more  flour makes the cookies brittle.Therefore, we're taking margarine out of 
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A Charming Story of Making Springerle:

First, everyone taking a turn beating the egg by hand [for about an hour]... then someone who rolled the dough, someone else who pressed the impressions, the father taking the responsibility of doing the important and dangerous precise cutting along lines with a very sharp knife.  Others prepared the baking sheets and [saved for the littlest family member] the most important job of placing two and only two anise seeds where each cookie would be placed and set to dry on the baking sheet.

Our customer Katy R. of Colorado writes " We still have, treasured and displayed, the two original double-sided springerle boards brought from Germany to Decatur about 1882, carved by her father when his daughter emigrated to America.   Six generations shared this tradition every year for 130 years before retiring the originals when I saw a similar hand-carved one-sided antique springerle for sale for "yikes" $900. For the past five years we have found 3 or 4 small, fairly good replicas - though not hand-carved and no comparison to those you have created.

And now, I've found your website! There should be an award for your website as well as your craft.  Thank you!  Such beautiful masterpieces all.  I have ordered your "Twelve Days of Christmas" and the tradition goes on for another 130 years.
Liking or not liking ANISE is
                        determined  by

We recommend
 oil or orange as an alternative for anise in such cookies prepared for wedding receptions and/or gifting.