Buyer's Guide: Types of Cookie Molds:


*****Quality ANTIQUE Cookie Molds, quality solid wood,  carved by woodcarvers 
           with traditional hand tools.  Age is often difficult to establish.
           Most of these museum quality collectibles are too valuable to be used in shaping cookies.
           Heirlooms are bought for investment, to compliment collections, and as decorative accents. and E-bay are good sources [caution: listings often misrepresent origin, 
         age and value].  Also garage sales, flea markets, & antique shops.

****One-of-a-Kind Cookie Molds Carved by Modern
      Master Carvers, entirely with traditional hand gouges and chisels (which increases 
          both the cost and value of these carvings).

          Most of these are fully functional with hand tooling that generally produces a molded cookie
          shape with sharper lines and shapes than those typically produced by router carving alone.

   Modern custom carvers include Vince Marine and Russ Hamilton of IL, Walter Geluryckens 
   of Belgium -- and the Masters of all Cookie Mold Carvers:  Olda Kvapil of the Czech Republic 
   and Jan VandeVoorde and many others of Belgium.  

***  Original Cookie Mold Carvings, signed and carved with hand-held tools by a
          master woodcarver, quality solid wood, each unique in its carving execution (no two exactly
          identical).  Smaller, more popular designs produced in larger quantities.  Rarely one-of-a-kind.
          Fully functional, each item is itself a work of art.  

          Most are fully functional, make affordable gifts, and are ideal molds for establishing a family
          tradition of shaping edible-art cookies.  Many are "heirloom" quality - something that can rarely
          be said for the types of molds listed below.

          Larger and limited edition designs are generally a better investment value than
          the smaller molds which are carved in larger quantities.  

   HOBI Cookie Molds/Gene Wilson and Allen Buchheit:

**   Cookie Molds carved by computerized duplicating machinery
      (CNC or Laser), quality solid wood.  Typically signed by same duplicating machinery,
         these carvings are identical to each other and are as good as the abilities of the artist/computer
         programmer.  Sadly, most of the molds now sold to tourists in Germany and Switzerland are
         carved almost entirely by such CNC type duplicating machinery.

         Most are fully functional and make affordable handcrafted gifts.  If you want to produce
         beautiful cookies and don't fancy the heirloom or decorative value of the molds themselves,
         SOME of the better ones of these may be a good choice for you.

         Some of the larger, more expensive CNC designs are signed and produced in small quantities,
         which may allow them to retain their value as collectibles.  

  Tecton Precision Products:   [Currently inactive]
  Fantes Springerle Molds:
  S. R. White Carving:

*    Non-wood Resin Castings of Cookie Mold Originals.
        Most are fully functional copies of antique molds borrowed for copying from museums or 
         private collections.  Produced in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, and China - these
         molds have a true historic cookie mold design.  

         Most are fully functional and make beautiful cookies, although the material content of molds
         (such as those from China) may be a cause for some anxiety.  Cleaning the molds after use is
         sometimes difficult and they are subject to chipping with heavy use.  Some of these may be a
         good choice for those who want fancy cookies but are not interested in the heirloom value of
         the molds themselves.

         Each design is produced in large quantities from a master mold - this makes the investment
         value minimal or non-existent.

  House on the Hill:
  Springerle House:
  The Springerle Baker:

  Other Non-wood Cookie Molds. metal, pottery, glass, and ceramic          
   (including terra cotta) molds are available from a number of foreign and domestic 

Hand Carved Picture-Cookie Molds
Buyer's Guide: Types of Cookie Molds
Hand Carved Picture-Cookie Molds
Buyer's Guide: Types of Cookie Molds
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HOBI Cookie Molds

The information on this webpage is the sole opinion of Gene Wilson "America's Cookie Mold Carver." 

​Hand Carved Wooden Molds
Mold reflects the talent /experience of the artist                             YES                            SELDOM
 Resin Castings, Computer & Laser Produced Carvings
​Comparison of Hand Carved Wooden Molds vs. All Other Molds and Stamps
​Mold is connected with a history of traditional use 
and is likely to be passed on to the next generation                   YES                            UNLIKELY 
​Each design has a very limited production                                        YES                                   NO
Each individual mold is truly an uniquie piece of art                   YES                                   NO
​Mold signed & dated so you know where, when and                      YES                                    NO
who produced it

All types of molds may be fully
functional in producing beautiful cookies...

If you are as interested in the mold as you are the cookie, consider wooden molds!
Mold is an heirloom and collectible                                                USUALLY                   SELDOM